Appreciating Musicians

pianoheartMusicians play an intricate role in the music we enjoy daily. They bring an exciting and enjoyable element to live concerts, wedding receptions, holiday parties, parades, Broadway shows, plays and the list goes on. However, in order to begin to understand such wonderful human beings, we must first define a musician. Merriam-Webster defines a musician as “a person who writes, sings or plays music with skill especially as a profession”.

keysheartMusicians have an amazing ability to make you feel good through melodic notes & phrases. They have a way of changing your mood and emotions. Music itself is a unique gift and those who are blessed to make music are uniquely gifted. In exchange for an unforgettable show or that song you can’t get out of your head; musicians dedicate many hours to their craft. This should not be taken lightly. Musicians should be appreciated and commended often for their contribution to all things music. Take a moment today and let a musician know that you appreciate their gift. Save an extra cheer at the next concert or live show you attend for the band. We need musicians to know that they are loved.


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