ML Spotlight: Lester Lands

It always amazes me how many doors can be opened through amazing artistry. I know several great musicians who are living out their dreams because of it. I am pleased to announce and launch my new series the (ML) Musician Love Spotlight. I will highlight, interview and show love to various musicians who are making great strides in the music industry.


We begin the first ML Spotlight with professional guitarist/writer/composer Lester Lands. Lester is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He currently resides in Los Angeles. He has played all over the world–extensively throughout Europe–with other great jazz musicians. His musical influences include the legendary George Benson.

NFL Segment

Lester was recently apart of a musical segment for the NFL that aired on Fox Sports viewed by millions!  In the video, Lester is shown singing lead vocals and playing guitar backed by a trio of great musicians. He brings the blues to the NFL in a major way with shots being flashed of various key players. Lester’s witty lyrics highlights players such as Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, Newton of the Carolina Panthers & many more. Do yourself a favor and view the footage here. It isn’t everyday that these type of opportunities are granted, which reflects how incredible of a musician and person Lester truly is. Make sure to show this musician love! #musicianlove

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